We are Atomic Marketing, a retail-servicing agency that specialises in below-the-line experiential solutions.

Through the creation of creative and exclusive retail campaigns Atomic encourages consumers to engage with your brand in an interesting and memorable way.

Establishing Atomic Marketing, while a Marketing student in 2005 from his folk’s garage, Nuno stoked his passion to offer unique and powerful solutions for suppliers to quantifiably interact with consumers in an engaging manner.

National footprint

Brands We’ve Grown


With a strong focus on sincere, value-based sell-out techniques we provide consistent training on product knowledge, interpersonal skills, and the art of communication; our staff are taught to learn it, love it, live it.


Making sure the product is displayed correctly and prices, points of sale are clearly marked.

A large component of buying is through the eye of the beholder…make sure your product stands-out.


By matching the features, advantages, and benefits of the products to any customer’s needs, we communicate value and justify the price point your product rightfully demands…

Essentially –  we move boxes.


Your dedicated Key Account Manager will be equipped to facilitate comfort calls, returns and service queries, amongst others.


Ensuring our strategies are always proactive and informative, whilst quantifying everything we do towards success.


An eclectic bunch, drawing on a wide variety of experiences and skillsets, our digital and social department is united in their objective to deliver slick, user-first content that exceeds KPIs.

The best way to do that? By conceiving realistic & poignant digital sell-out solutions that nurture communities and spread the brand story for you, utilising popular channels or developing new platforms that always keep an eye on emerging interactive trends.